‘zine or zine (zin) 
1. an individualistic, small-circulation magazine typically produced cheaply by a single nonprofessional enthusiast.
2. such a magazine existing on the World Wide Web.

Poor Quality Zine is a bi-monthly print magazine based out of Sarasota, FL, founded and produced by Amber June Cross in 2015, with help of all the contributors who sent in their work. PQZ focuses on primarily local and upcoming artists and musicians in Southwestern Florida however, while being open to submissions from anyone and anywhere. It does not exclude any art form from being submitted and featured. Poor Quality highlights the new wave of creatives and their passion projects. Poor Quality Zine transcends the normal and trendy to bring viewers in contact with original content and underground local artists and happenings. Poor Quality will be releasing its 4th issue this July.

POOR QUALITY is a zine.

It is a zine containing the works of creatives; writers, photographers, illustrators, printmakers, musicians, opinion-havers, cartoonists, clothings designers and graphic designers. 

It is a zine to which these people can submit any of the mentioned medias or something entirely of their own. 

It is not a zine that excludes any form of creativity from being submitted, nor does it exclude links to media found online; i.e. films, musical recordings, portfolios, blogs, stores, event listings and venues, etc.

POOR QUALITY is a zine that should be used to express any creative message to other creators. Please share your poor quality submissions through any of our social media platforms or via email.



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