PQZ will be attending the Ft. Lauderdale Small Press Fair 2017, located in FATVILLAGE on November 11th from noon-6PM. There will be dozens of vendors, live screen printing, artists, book makers, and live performances! Issue 2 of PQZ Volume 2 will be released at the event!

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SRQ ZINE FEST-Sarasota's First Ever Zine Fest!

SRQ ZINE FEST 1 is happening December 9th 2017 at JDUB's Brewery in Sarasota, FL. Live music, food trucks, good beer and refreshments, and many awesome vendors will be a part of this event! 

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Bradenton Zine Fest 2!

Bradenton Zine Fest 2 was nice time on a super hot day, but nonetheless a success and deserves thanks to those who organized the event and the zinesters who attended! See ay next year ~


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Come out to Miami Zine Fair this Saturday April 22nd, at the Lowe Art Museum on the Miami University campus. The fair goes from 11am-5pm-we'll be there!


Kim Logan Exclusive Preview Vol.1 Issue 3

poorqualityzineFeatured in Issue 3...Kim Logan is a SRQ native/Nashville musician and poet. Read a poem below and get yourself an Issue of PQZ3 for info about her upcoming poetry collection, recent album release, Swamp Thing Records and more great work from @kimloganmusic !

Cult Leader by Kim Logan
An exploding ball of red and blue

the dusty tears of a comet

I drink of you.


There is more sex in the sound

of these round droplets than

weightless me

could ever find on your skin.

And heavy you,

like milk vapor, rocks in oil

lobbing me lapis pebbles


never breaking.

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